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If you are here for the first time, we would like to welcome you to our Festival's Film Theatre. Here you will discover a carefully curated collection of Future Films to amuse and inspire you. The films are not Festival entries, but rather the outcome of our quest for high-quality films by Orthodox filmmakers. Our crew is always on the hunt for new Orthodox films to see. The majority of the films are free to watch, however certain producers may charge you per view. Click on the icons to see the movies.

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Mavrogenis, a kind shepherd, will listen to Father Fotis' preaching about the straight path, people have to follow in order to find Heaven and see God. The naive shepherd takes Father Fotis' words for granted and starts walking straight with the hope to find Heaven. Just before he starves to death, he will be found by a Monk. Mavrogenis will stay a few days in the Monastery, to recover. He will also witness a miracle beyond his understanding...

Awarded feature film (124min) .

Director: Yiannis Stravolaimos

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The story follows the attempt of an orthodox monk to live a Life of Prayer at an isolated hermitage. His peace is interrupted by a sudden visit of two people. After realizing that the wartime past has come back and that he cannot forget and forgive the pain he has suffered, the monk becomes aware that the gap that has appeared between him and God cannot be bridged.
The film has been screened at several national and international festivals and has won multiple international awards.

Director: Ivan Jovic

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"The Island" is a 2006 Russian biographical film about a 20th century Eastern Orthodox monk. Pyotr Mamonov, who plays the lead character, formerly a rock musician in the USSR, converted to Eastern Orthodoxy in the 1990s and lives now in an isolated village. Film director Pavel Lungin said about him that "to a large extent, he played himself." Mamonov was first very hesitant to play in the film, but then was urged by his confessor to play the character. After the filming, one of the movie crew staff decided to stay on the island and live there as a hermit.

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The winner of Rostotsky Prize for the best debut film and Grand Prize at Moscow’s Radiant Angel Festival.

After the October Revolution, a small island with the orthodox monastery is passed to Finland. The Finn Army places there an executive staff of coast artillery. The Soviet command sends to the island a former priest’s son and now soviet commissar Maxim Proshin. He is to wriggle way into the island as a novice and murder one of the high rank Finnish military men. Maxim will have to pass away of penance and mental rebirth to find himself and achieve rependance.

Image by Bryce Evans

Director: Vladimir Khotinenko Cast: Sergei Makovetsky, Nina Usatova, Elizabeth Arzamasova, Stepan Morozov, Kirill Pletnev, Viktoria Romanenko

Awards : Best Actress in a Supporting Role Nina USATOVA , Golden Eagle awards, Russia, 2010