Image by Cristofer Jeschke

Lovely and lyrical scenes from the Orsk Iversky Convent's Resurrection Season. Christ is Risen.

Image by Arseniy Kapran

Two Orthodox monks share two different prespectives of Art


Most moving and entertaining with heartfelt humour short stories; The Three Parables are a compassionate, child-like approach to the essential Christian duties.  The film made in honour of St John the Warrior at St. Elisabeth Convent in Minsk (Belarus).

Image by Jisu Han

The Good Struggle: High up in the mountains of Lebanon, an unexpected community thrives within the confines of a Greek Orthodox Christian monastery. This beautiful short doc offers rare insight to their almost silent way of life.

Image by Khachik Simonian


Director + Editor / Eliot Rausch
Director of Photography / Matt B. Taylor
Story by / Eliot Rausch
Written by / Amanda MacLachlan
Produced by / Jennette MacLachlan