17 - 26 SEPTEMBER 2021

A Home
for Orthodoxy and the Arts

“We aim, by the Grace of God, to inspire the souls of our fellow human beings and deepen their relationship with the Orthodox Christian faith...” 

Dear Artists. This Festival is a place for us to share our love and enthusiasm for Orthodoxy & the Arts.

We are a kind of family. With our shared goal, we support every artistic effort towards excellence.

Everyone here offers something of themselves to strengthen the collaboration between our Orthodox communities and to bring forth great artworks for the generations to come.

We welcome all individuals and groups to participate, whether seeking inspiration or to support the Orthodox Artists in their own way: artists, iconographers, filmmakers, musicians, chanters, photographers, authors, poets, architects, craftspeople, workshop leaders, curators, collectors, and all of you Orthodox brothers & sisters in Christ.  

You are all welcome to feel at home here.

*For all Orthodox Artists, this is a Call for Entries. Online Entry Forms are available

in the section "Taking Part" in their respective categories.*

The event is blessed and supported by his Eminence

Archbishop of Thyateira & Great Britain Nikitas and the Brotherhood of the Orthodox Mission Abroad.


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Image by Onur Binay

Festival Awards of Excellence

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this years' Festival Awards general info..." 

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“Are you an Orthodox Artist, Filmmaker, Iconographer, Photographer, Author, Chanter, Musician, Singer, Architect, Curator, Workshop Leader, Organisation, Group or simply Inspired by Liturgical Byzantine Arts & Chant?
This is the place to be.
Join us today.” 

"Give some of your own Strength to help

your brothers & sisters to carry their own Cross" 

“Help the Orthodox Missions all over the World to accomplish their outstanding works that often carry in the most difficult of circumstances.
Official Sponsors of the Orthodox Arts Festival 

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orthodox mission

Brotherhood of Orthodox Mission Abroad

The Arts on Virtual Reality Platforms

"Dear artists, we are happy to announce that, for the first time,

we can offer for the promotion and presentation of your works

the most advanced Virtual Reality Gallery Platforms available online

to present your artworks..."

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