Dear Visitors

If you are here for the first time, we would like to welcome you to our Festival's Film Theatre. Here you will discover a carefully curated collection of Animations to amuse and inspire you. The films are not Festival entries, but rather the outcome of our quest for high-quality films by Orthodox filmmakers. Our crew is always on the hunt for new Orthodox films to see. The majority of the films are free to watch, however certain producers may charge you per view. Click on the icons to see the movies.

It is an Extraordinary animation in which it portrayed the story of a little girl, the Daughter of an Orthodox Priest in a Boarding school during WWII time in the Soviet Union and her struggles to stay strong in her Faith in an Atheist State. Magnificent is her encounter with St Seraphim of Sarov. 

Image by Johannes Plenio

A most beautiful Russian animation about putting All your Trust in the Lord. The story of a humble woodcutter and a proud Prince.

Image by Lee Miller

The story of the great St Mina the Wonderworker presented in animated movie in English.

Image by Tom Gainor

What if we had the choice to pick our own Cross in Life to bare. Would we choose another one instead? Instructive Russian Animation.

Image by Nel Nel

Being like an Angel - Russian Animation (with English subtitles)

A Christian Parable