Please see below an outline of the Entry process:


​If you like a chance to be heard at our Festival, this is the place to get started. Just follow the simple steps:

1. Submit your Orthodox Church Music Sound Files or Video links

If you are a practising Orthodox Christian forming a Choir or Solo, you can submit up to 5 tracks online or video links (YouTube etc.).


If you are a Record company, Choir or a Solo Chanter and want to promote and sell your recently released CDs (up to 3 years) on our Orthodox Library Page, you may submit up to 5 CDs or DVDs. 


Media categories include Male Chanting Church Choir/Solo, Female Chanting Church Choir/Solo & Mixed Chanting Choir. Sound files should be optimized for web and send online preferably with the Entry Form. Your music tracks must be in the following format: File type: MP3, WAV, FLAC, M4A, WMA, AAC, AIF and AIFF.

2. Enter the details and upload your sound files or send the video links (see the form below)

We need all your contact details, a short biography, a photo of yours or of your CD (Images should be optimized for web & cropped with a resolution of no more than 100 dpi and dimensions of around 2000 x 2000 pixels. We prefer them saved as jpg images. If you cannot optimise them, we will have to charge you an extra £5 per photo as it is a time consuming job.), a hyperlink to your e-shop (if you have one) and a few words to describe each piece of Church Music. As far as video link is concerned  we accept links from all known platforms like YouTube, Vimeo etc.

If you plan a webinar for the Festival, you are welcome to submit information and an image. You can only apply for one. The price for the promotion is £15. You will have to submit your entry again, but you must complete only the webinar section the second time.

***Please keep in mind that though the website is translated into Greek from English for your convenience, we can only accept Submissions in English, but we can also correspond to Greek. 


3. Pay your entry fee 

Entry during the Festival is £9** per Sound file or Video link, (you may submit up to five music tracks or video links) and £15** for webinar.


If you are a Record company or a Chanting Choir/Solo the Entry for the Library promotional section of the Festival for a CD is £15** (your promotion runs until the end of December 2021). 

You will pay this online once you submission was accepted.

**Please note that to avoid sending refunds for failed entries, we will inform you if your entry was successful at the end of the submission deadline. If you are successful, we will notify you to pay your entry fee. Thank you. 


   What happens next?

We will review your entries and notify you as soon as possible if you have been selected. Then, on the "Successful Applicants" page, you must pay the admission fee online. The presentation will be compiled from the Sound files or videolinks, from which we will organise for the festival. We will decide the manner of presentation based on our experience. 


The Orthodox Arts Festival Church Music Prize 2021 will be awarded to a Choir or a Solo chanter that shown great talent & piety. To the Winner, we will offer a cash Award to be determined in a later day as we are in the process of inviting a number of sponsors. Entries will be judged by our Judging Panel.


The entry fee is non-refundable.

You must submit your digital entry form by August the 1st, 2021, at the latest. We will not accept any late submissions.



Upload Personal Photo
Upload Sound 1 File
Upload 2 Sound File
Upload 3 Sound File
Upload 4 Sound File
Upload 5 Sound File
Upload CD/DVD 1st Image File
Upload CD/DVD 2nd Image File
Upload CD/DVD 3rd Image File
Upload CD/DVD 4th Image File
Upload CD/DVD 5th Image File
Webinar Photo Image File

Thanks for submitting!

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